Moving from one location to another one is always difficult, especially when you need to shift with the entire household. JVA Movers present you with a fast and an efficient moving service, anywhere in Phoenix city and within Arizona state. Our service covers both residential and commercial moving.

When you hire movers, it is essential that they know how to execute their job smoothly and quickly. You are recommended to discuss with your neighbors and friends to find out the moving companies they have used before. This will ensure that you are not falling for a scamming company. After you shortlist your moving company list, contact them and get the estimated cost of the job at hand. Any professional moving company will want to visit your location and check all the stuff that needs transportation, before quoting a price. You must demand to know about any hidden fees in their service and make it clear that you are not going to pay anything extra than what has been decided. There should be no deposits involved before or during the moving process. All the payment must be made after the moving has taken place and you have checked on your stuff.

At JVA Movers, our staff has been trained specifically to provide you with a seamless transition. We are experienced in all kinds of movings, whether they are to/from bungalows, apartments, condos, high rises or trailer houses. It is our mission to exceed our customers’ expectations and maintain our reputation in the city as one of the best and most affordable movers around. Our reviews are a testament to our performance, with five-star ratings on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Thumbtack.

To learn more about our services, you may get in touch with our manager via phone (Phoenix 480-454-8690) to clear any doubts. You can also get a free quote for your moving requirement, using our devoted online service.

Once you have chosen JVA Movers, all you need to do is sit back and watch us do all the hard work for you. Our moving procedure usually unravels in the four steps:

  1. Visiting the location to survey and give an estimated cost of the moving job.
  2. Sending our professional staff to start packaging all your belongings.
  3. Loading all the packaged supplies and moving to the designated location.
  4. Unloading all the packaged supplies and leaving them in the new location.  

Whether it is before, during or after the moving job, you will find our staff to be polite, friendly and respectful. This is one of the reasons why we are a favorite amongst our customers, old and new alike.  

JVA Movers stands for John Volken Academy Movers. We are a non-profit company, providing services in the states of Arizona and Washington. Our staff comprises of students from the John Volken Academy, who have previously been affected by drug abuse and alcoholism. With JVA Movers, these students have a chance to turn their lives around. All our profits are used for charity.