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So you are planning to move your office or apartment to a new location, but you do not even know how to start with the packing? If it is your first time moving, then you may not even be sure of which moving company to hire for executing the job efficiently and safely. In this brief article, you are going to read about what jobs we, at JVA Movers, do and why this makes us special.

Basically, after you reach out to us and get a survey done by our team regarding the type of job required, all the post-processes occur in a streamline without you having to get involved at all.

  1. When our moving team visits your place on the day of the job, they will start by covering your items in protective covers.
  2. Before covering each item in covers and casings, our movers will clean them and remove all the dust or dirt so that your items arrive in the new location in good condition.
  3. To ensure the protection of the items, we use purposefully designed boxes, which vary in size and durability depending on the materials kept inside them. For breakable items, like cookery or electronics, we use durable plastic boxes that can endure the shakes and turbulence of the truck journey, without affecting the items inside them. Each fragile item is kept separately, in their special cases. Items that can get crushed, like clothing, shoes, books, etc, are kept in carefully sorted boxes and kept on top of the load in the truck to keep in their original condition even after they are moved.
  4. For any irregularly shaped objects, our movers put them in cardboard boxes and fold the boxes to meet the shape of such of these objects.
  5. All the furniture that is required to be moved is put under the wrapping of a special protective cover that prevents any scratching or dents from occurring on their body.
  6. Once the items are transported to the new location, our staff will start unloading the truck and then unpacking your stuff.
  7. Tasks like winching big items to the second floor are done swiftly and precisely, with walls and windows carefully protected from scratches. They’ll arrange your furniture and large household items in any layout you specify. Smaller items will be put back exactly on the same shelf as they were in your old location.
  8. All the cardboard packaging is removed and everything is given a final quick clean. You now move into your new location and you can simply carry on your life the way you were the day before.
  9. Our staff is rigorously trained to ensure that they do the packing fast and comprehensively. They are conscious of the importance of the items for you and, hence, handle them with utmost care and respect.

JVA Movers is one of the most popular moving companies in the Washington region and is continuously growing its customer base. It is our consideration and dedication towards our clients that have allowed us to succeed in this competitive industry and earn the trust of hundreds of repeat customers.