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Moving in winters is a tricky situation for most people and can lead to a lot of trouble if the whole packing and transportation job is not accurately planned.  You need to ensure that the moving company that you hire is comprised of professionals and that they conduct themselves in such a manner. Hiring their services should be an easy process to assure you that the details agreed upon shall be fulfilled. It is best to use a licensed mover as this ensures that you receive nothing but quality service.

At JVA movers, our handlers are expertly trained to cater to your winter moving needs. Here are ten tips for moving in the winter, which will make the whole process a lot easier for you as well as the moving company:

  1. Clear the path: The first move you need to make on your moving day is to clear the pathways leading to your old and new location. This will make it a lot easier and safer for everyone involved in moving, and will also ensure that there are no delays in the moving process.  
  2. Layer up: While our movers will come prepared for the cold weather, you yourself need to ensure that you are warm. Wear an extra layer of the garment if it is too cold outside as you may spend some time supervising the transfer of packages in the truck.  
  3. Watch the weather: This is particularly important if the area you live in receives harsh weather patterns during the winters. You should plan your move on a day which has friendlier winter weather. Our movers and trucks will continue the job as long as the conditions do not become too severe or dangerous for the people involved in transportation. We cancel moving jobs if the weather seems bad enough to cause damage to your belongings. You will be notified beforehand of any changes in plan.   
  4. Turn on your utilities: Before your stuff arrives at your new location, it is recommended that you get the new location well lit and warm so that upon unpacking, you can easily have your stuff arranged.  
  5. Avoid slips: Keep some rags or towels handy to wipe snow and salt from your shoes as you come into the house to prevent any unforeseen accident in your new location. The last thing you want after a busy day is to fall over and break a bone or two.
  6. Be patient: Even if you shovel them, put down salt on walks and driveways as they can still be slick. You should keep in mind that there can be delays due to the extra drive time on snowy roads.
  7. Move plants and pets in your car: We never take any living things in our moving trucks. It is safer for your pets or your plants to be carried in your personal car.
  8. Light your area: The sun sets early during winter months so make sure all your outdoor lighting is working properly at both locations before moving day. You do not want to end up in the dark in your new place after moving. 
  9. Keep things dry: You’ll want to have all of your boxes closed and sealed to protect your belongings. If you want our movers to get your things packed, we will take care of this ourselves.
  10. Be Flexible: The weather conditions during winter cannot be controlled by us and hence we recommend that your moving job is flexible. If this is not the case, you must let us know on the time of job confirmation.