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Summer time is the most popular period for moving, but it can also be quite a bit of a hassle if you do not manage it properly. While moving during summers may look quite easy, it is recommended that you take the help of professional movers to ensure that your possessions reach their destination securely and on time. A licensed local mover, like JVA Movers, are quite adept in handling moving jobs all throughout the year.

Here are ten tips for moving in the summer, which will make the whole process a lot easier, for you, as well as the moving company:

  1. Start Early: While summer may last for several months, it is best that you get your moving done in the early months of summer, when the temperatures are not so extreme (depending upon your area). Moreover, by getting your moving done earlier, you and your family would be able to make the most of the summer holidays in your new place.
  2. Book Early: As mentioned below, the summer period is the most busy period for moving. This means that moving companies are usually at their busiest and their rates increase to meet with the demand. After settling on the moving time, you should contact the moving company and book for your move as soon as possible. This will ensure that you get the most optimum pricing.
  3. Watch the weather: If your area receives a lot of rainfall or heat waves during summer, it is very important that you should check the dates of your move with the weather forecast. It is recommended to have your moving done on a clear day, with friendly temperature.
  4. Get Packing Materials Arranged:  Due to the high moving demand during summer, your local store may run out of packaging materials. This is why it is better to get all the packaging materials early. If you are using a moving company, do ask them if they provide packaging materials so that you do not have to purchase them yourself.
  5. Be Careful Of Heat Sensitive Items: Sensitive electronics, data drives, food items, etc. that can succumb to high temperatures must be wrapped safely and preferably kept apart from other items.
  6. Move plants and pets in your car: You must never put any living things in the moving trucks. It is safer for your pets or your plants to be carried in your personal car.
  7. Take precautions: The sun is at its strongest during summers which means that you need to protect your skin and body. You should stay hydrated and carry water bottles with yourself during moving. It is also recommended to put on sunscreen before heading out. Wearing suitable clothes to prevent your body from heating up is always important as well.
  8. Ensure utilities are working: Once you move to your new location, you would need the air conditioning and the refrigerator to be working fine for cooling yourself and having cold water/juice to drink. It is suggested to ensure the AC and refrigerator is turned on, a few hours before the move.
  9. Be patient: The heat of the summer can cause you to experience stress, especially if things are not going the way you planned. The best way to deal with this is to be patient and handle everything with a cool mind.
  10. Be Wary: With the high demand of moving jobs, many unauthorized moving companies might pop up in your area. Using the services of such companies for your moving can be disastrous as most of them are looking to scam you.