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Moving in the fall is usually not preferred due to the busy work and academic schedules. We, at JVA Movers, have the experience of moving jobs for several families, all throughout the year. With our guidance, you can make the moving job quite easy for yourself, even if you are not planning to hire a moving company for your job.

  • Negotiate With Movers: Fall season is an ideal time to book a moving company due to less demand in the industry. If you feel that you have a tight budget, you can negotiate with movers and, more than likely, you are going to find one that is going to do the job for you within your budget.
  • Watch out for Weather: Fall can be tricky in the sense that you never know if it will rain or not. When booking your moving with a company, check the weather forecast in advance and select a date with a couple of clear days before and after it.
  • Mover Policy: Always check that your mover has customer friendly policies and will be able to change the dates of your moving without creating a fuss. Get your friends or neighbors opinion on the moving company you are choosing.
  • Work Out Your Utilities: Before the last month of your stay in the current home, you should contact the utility companies that provide you with services and let them know about canceling or transferring your account to the new residence.
  • Check Utilities: Before the day of moving, you should visit your new home and check if all the utilities are working properly. You should check on the heating system as you will be needing it soon.
  • Cleanup:  As you visit your new property, you should make sure that it is having clean walkways for the movers to go through and transfer your stuff. Usually, during the fall, the walkways will be full of leaves that can increase the chances of slipping and falling.
  • Packing Phases:  You should pack your stuff in two phases. In phase 1, which should be started a week or so before the moving date, you should pack up all the non essentials. For the essential daily use items, you should pack them a day before moving. This will allow you to live comfortably and normally until the moving starts.
  • Get Packing Materials Beforehand: As mentioned, fall can be a busy period due to work or study. It is better to not leave things until the last minute as you never know when you will be free. If the packaging materials are not available near your home, you should get them at least a week in advance, so can make sure you do not need to buy more.
  • Kids And Pets: If you have kids or pets, you would be wise to drop them off at their grandparents or family member’s home. Having them moving around can be distracting and can cause unneeded chaos, at a time when organization is most required.
  • Dress Appropriately: You should dress in layers so that you can take off the clothing if it is getting hot, but put them back on, especially if the weather becomes unexpectedly colder.