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Moving can be quite a difficult experience, especially if it is the first time you’re doing it. For us at JVA Movers, spring is the most popular time for changing apartments in America. This is because of the friendly weather in most of the states. In this guide, we are going to help you with some tips to optimize your moving. These tips will help you in moving, even if you decide on not hiring a moving company.

  • Plan Early: As mentioned above, Spring is the most popular time for moving amongst American families. This means that moving companies have their busiest period of work during the months between March and May. If you have decided on moving during the Spring and require a moving company to help you, you should reach out to them early and get a date booked for the job. The more you delay getting your booking done, the more you would be paying in moving costs and you will have lesser chances of booking your desired date due to high demand.
  • Get Your Utilities Sorted: Contact all the utility companies providing your home with services and let them know about your ultimate moving date. You should inform them to transfer your account to your new location. Being proactive here would help you save time and stress since a lot more people in your situation would also be getting this sorted, which would keep the respective companies busy.
  • Weather: Be aware of the weather when deciding your day of moving. Spring weather can be quite frisky, with chances of rain and, these days, even snow on occasion. You should pick out a day which is forecasted to be sunny. Talk to your moving company of their policy on changing the date in case of a weather-related delay.
  • Traffic: Spring traffic is a mess. Everyone is out and about after being majorly indoors during the winter season. If you are planning to move yourself, you should plan a route that has less traffic congestion. This will save you undue stress and allow you to enjoy the ride to your new abode.
  • Pollen Protection: Spring season brings high levels of pollen in the air due to the blooming of plants. However, the pollen can get into your belongings and spread in your new apartment if you are not careful. You should pack your stuff and seal the boxes to prevent this from happening. This is especially important if you are allergic to pollens.
  • Purge: Spring cleaning must be done before you move to your new apartment. You should consider moving as an opportunity to sort through your stuff and leave all the unwanted things. This will also help you in packing fewer items.
  • Maintain Energy:  While doing the packing or moving job, make sure that you are drinking sufficient water to keep yourself hydrated. Grab a sandwich from the store if you cannot have lunch or keep a few fruits with yourself. You do not want to reach your new apartment feeling weak and unhappy.
  • Check Utilities: Before you move to the apartment, visit it a few days prior and check if all the utilities are working as they should. You would probably need the AC working when you enter the home after moving.
  • Check On Your Pets/Plant: If you are carrying your pets or plants with yourself, you should make sure that they are fine. You should never put them in a moving truck, but transfer them in your car.
  • Fraud Protection: Since spring is the busiest moving period, you may find yourself dealing with fake moving companies or people looking to make a quick buck off you. Always hire a high-quality moving company which has been backed by the members of your community beforehand.