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Moving during holidays is not an ideal situation, but sometimes it must be done. Holidays themselves are quite hectic, with all the shopping, work and events to balance through them. With moving also included in the schedule, you need to be extremely organized to ensure that you have a stress free experience. We, at JVA Movers, will guide you with a handful of tips so that you can execute an optimum moving job while still making the most of your holiday festivities.
  1. Start Early: This is a no brainer. Holiday shopping and planning will take much of your time as the Christmas or Thanksgiving dates come closer. You should have your packing done at least a week before these days. Get your boxes and packaging materials beforehand.
  2. Contact Movers: Reach out to movers and find ones that are available for the moving job during the holiday period. Also discuss the price of the gig beforehand as the moving can get quite expensive due to the urgent nature of the job. (JVA Movers are open to accommodate moving during the holidays if booked beforehand).
  3. Pack In Phases: Pack all the non-urgent items in boxes and put them aside a ten or fifteen days before the moving day. As the booked date approaches, start packaging your essentials in order of importance so that you can keep using your things without worrying about packing all the stuff in your house.
  4. Minimal Decorations: Since holidays are there to celebrate and you or your kids would like to have the home decorated, you should put out minimal decorations that are easy to set up and remove.
  5. The Family: If you have kids, pets or other family members staying at your place, you may get them to stay at a relatives for the moving day so that you clear out the space without having any chaos.
  6. Weather: The holiday season usually occurs during extreme winters for the mid and eastern parts of the USA. This means that you have set a date that is forecasted to be clearer and has no blizzard or storm indications.
  7. Supplies: Related to the above point, make sure that you have winter supplies and tools available on hand. These include boots, shovels, gloves and salt. Clear out your walkways so that they are not slippery.
  8. Activate Heating: Go to your new place a few hours before moving and activate the heating system. You do not want to go to your new place and wait for the place to heat up, as you recover from the cold outside.
  9. Safety: Most of the robberies in the USA take place during the festive period. Make sure that your security system is working in the new home before you move in.
  10. Donations: It is always nice to donate your unwanted items after you have packed your stuff. Charities are really looking out for help during this period and you will be going into your new home, knowing that you have made others smile during the move.